A New ‘War For Cybertron’ Optimus Prime Is On The Way!


I took a break from the toy collecting and dealing game for a few years. When I started to get back into it, I was astounded that Hasbro has managed to keep the Transformers line flooded with so many versions of Optimus Prime.

Bruh. If there’s a way to add a new paint application to an older Prime figure, they’ll do it. I’m not complaining. I love collecting Prime figures. Maybe, though, put a few more of the other figures out there. Jazz. We need more Jazz. Not Michael Bay Jazz. No. No. No. Classic Scatman Crothers Jazz!


The War for Cybertron Voyager Class Optimus Prime we’re looking at today may appear familiar. This is a modification of a previously released Prime, but with damage detailing, including cracked glass on the chest panels.

The only unappealing aspect of this figure is the large backpack. Otherwise, he’s pretty cool and comes with a huge ax. The head sculpt looks about the same, but the color tones used in the plastic are improved over the previous release.


The War for Cybertron is back – with the best detail and most amazing paint yet! Big robots join the Siege with Transformers Premium Finish War for Cybertron WFC-01 Voyager Optimus Prime! This Autobot leader takes the hero you’ve loved for decades and gives him a futuristic truck alternate mode, a gloriously gritty paint job, and a grizzled look inspired by the hit Netflix streaming series. Ages 8 and up. The figure includes ion blaster, strike shield, and is compatible with blast effect accessories (sold with Battle Masters figures, sold separately.)

Voyager Class Optimus Prime will be arriving in December with a $53.99 price tag. If you’ve been watching toy shelves this year, you’ve probably seen a lot of empty pegs and bare racks (hehe). Either due to the pandemic or shifting distribution models, a lot of toys are being diverted.

Various Masters of the Universe figures have been hard to find. The multiple Transformers lines appear and disappear with only one line ever being restocked. Trying to complete a collection has become a true pain.


So, if you want to make sure you add this Prime to your’s, head on over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order today!

Has anyone else been able to get more than just one of the Transformers: The Movie figures? I only ever found Hot Rod and Prime. Where have all the Grimlocks gone? Where’s the streetwise Jazz? I need my heroes!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve been able to collect’em all.

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