A Pint-Sized Predator Is On Its Way From Mezco


Ya know what my favorite thing was about Predator 2? Teri Weigel. You know what I’m talking about. Yeah. That scene. It had all the fine elements that summed up the late 1980s.

My second favorite thing? Bill Paxton and Gary Busey. Director Stephen Hopkins created an almost idyllic version of LA compared to today. With those characters running around, I’d move there without a second thought. If you’ve ever lived in modern LA, you’re aware of the struggle.


My third favorite thing was the concrete jungle Predator. He got to swear! He also got some cool new weapons to add to the Predator mythos.

Now a pint-sized version of him is coming to our homes.


Predator, the City Hunter, joins the Mezco Designer Series!

Predator is in town with a few days to kill! Outfitted in his look from Predator 2, the Yautja sports a removable Bio-Helmet and is loaded with accessories from the film.

Predator features a removable Plasmacaster that attaches to his shoulder, a hunting trophy, an interchangeable wristblade hand, a Combistick, and a Smart Disc. All accessories can be held in his interchangeable hands for an abundance of display options.

Silent, invisible, and invincible, Predator returns to Earth during a sweltering summer heat wave to stake a claim on the war-torn streets of a dystopian Los Angeles.

MDS Predator 2: Deluxe City Hunter stands 6″ tall and features 10 points of articulation. He comes packaged in a window box, perfect for display.

This pocket-sized Predator will debut sometime between October and December 2021. To make sure this guy doesn’t cloak and getaway, head over to Mezco and pre-order now!

What other characters from the Predator franchise should make it into Mezco’s Designer Series? Post battle Lieutenant Mike Harrigan? Subway shootout Jerry Lambert? How about an entire series dedicated to Bill Paxton’s various characters? Let us know in the comments.


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