Anime Short Film ‘Summer Ghost’ Is Coming To America


The hit Japanese 2021 short film ‘Summer Ghost’ is making its way to the United States and the rest of North America after the distribution company GKids announced they had struck a deal with the movie’s production company Flat Studio.

“GKIDS, the acclaimed producer and distributor of multiple Academy Award nominated animated features, announced today it has acquired the North American distribution rights for SUMMER GHOST, the debut “short feature” from acclaimed Japanese illustrator loundraw,” they said on their website. “Developed from a single illustration from loundraw, the film features original character designs from the artist, and is produced by FLAT STUDIO the all-new animation studio he established in 2019. Joining him on the project are novelist Hirotaka “Otsuichi” Adachi who wrote the screenplay, and internationally renowned pianist Akira Kosemura for the soundtrack.”


While no official release date has been given, GKids said they plan to release the short film in North America sometime in Summer 2022 for a brief theatrical run before giving it a home video release.

Check out the trailer below:

MyAnimeList describes the film’s synopsis as follows,


“A local urban legend claims that lighting fireworks at an abandoned airfield will call the “summer ghost,” a spirit that can answer any question. Three troubled teenagers—Tomoya, Aoi, and Ryo—do not know each other yet, but each has their own reasons to show up one day. When a sparkler is lit, a ghost named Ayane appears, and she reveals she is only visible to those “who are about to touch their death.” The three teens return home, but Tomoya soon begins visiting the airfield alone, as he becomes obsessed with the mystery surrounding Ayane and the true purpose of her visits.

Inspired by one of his own drawings, this remarkable directorial debut from the celebrated illustrator loundraw brings his lush visual sensibility to a poignant supernatural drama about the struggles of growing up, and the importance of living life to the fullest.”

Hirotaka Adachi serves as the main writer for the film.

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