Apple Lobbying Against Legislative Aid for Muslim Uyghurs in China


The Uyghur Muslims of China are a racial and religious minority inside the communist country, and are the victims of a state-led effort of genocide. Yet rather than speaking out against this horrific abuse of humanity, American corporations are often taking steps to align with the perpetrators of the genocide. Sister site Pirates and Princesses has covered extensively the connections between Disney and the Chinese Communist Party.

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Now the American corporation Apple is beginning to take pro-China actions. Reports are that Apple paid $90,000 to a company called Fierce Government Relations to try to influence US politicians to soften language in legislation that would have restrained American companies from using supply chains featuring slave labor. The lobbying against The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act occurred in November of 2020 according to The Washington Post, which also detailed how Apple iPhone suppliers were using Uyghur slave labor.

In addition to these affronts against human rights, Apple is also accused of building a data center in 2018 that followed Chinese guidelines providing the Chinese Communist Party with the capacity to collect data on political dissidents.

With all of that understood, it comes across as astoundingly laughable that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is criticizing the American state of Georgia for requiring identification prior to voting. While this site takes no position on the Georgia legislation, we do take a position on incredible hypocrisy. It seems difficult to imagine a reality in which Tim Cook is concerned about American rights being infringed due to identification requirements, while simultaneously advocating for policies that seem to support modern slavery and genocide.


Unfortunately the hypocrisy isn’t limited to just Apple. According to Senate Filings which you can search freely online, other companies lobbying for changes to The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act included Nike, Coca-Cola, The Retail Industry Leaders Association, and more.

In regards to the experience of Uyghur Muslims being shipped into forced labor, the Washington Post had this to say:

“Some Uighur workers have told human rights groups that they were given a choice between taking a job in a far-flung factory or being sent to a detention center. In some cases, workers have said that when they “accept” the job, they live in heavily guarded campuses and are rarely allowed to leave. In the evenings, when their shifts end, the Uighur workers say they are forced to take lessons in communist propaganda. Whether the Uighurs are paid, and exactly how much, is unclear.” — Reed Albergotti, Washington Post

The move by American corporations towards pro-slavery positions is saddening, but not without a history. It was the financially elite in America that supported slavery prior to the Civil War. While we have changed the demographics being enslaved, it seems to be a reoccurring issue that we must deal with in which honorable people must repeatedly affirm the rights of humans and the evils of slavery. Companies and corporations that support directly or indirectly, the forced labor and genocide of Uyghur Muslims, should all be publicly condemned in the strongest terms.

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