Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference Starts At 1PM Today


It’s that time of year again. Apple fanatics rejoice! The company’s Worldwide Developer Conference will kick off in just a few hours. So what underwhelming iPhone will be announced this time? What decade-old features (found on other phones) will finally make their way into our $1000+ instantly obsolete pocket computers? I’m just so excited to find out!

The stream will start at 1 PM ET and 10 PM PT. The event can be watched right here with the link to Apple’s YouTube Channel. The WWDC will run from June 6th to the 10th.


Join developers worldwide from June 6 to 10 for an inspiring week of technology and community. Get a first look at Apple’s latest platforms and technologies in sessions, explore the newest tools and tips, and connect with Apple experts in labs and digital lounges. All online and at no cost.

It has been quite some time since Apple introduced anything as revolutionary as the iPad or, to a lesser degree, the Apple Watch. Maybe this is the fallout of not having Steve Jobs working engineers to the breaking point, or perhaps some other factor is contributing to this lack of innovation.

OK, I know it’s easy to rag on Apple for the company’s weird choices, but the main reason I’m not that big a fan is because of the whole Right To Repair thing. Apple loves keeping others out of the sandbox when it comes to repairing products with OEM parts. So instead, they’d force you to buy a whole new phone than replace a battery or fix a flaw that Apple is ultimately responsible for.

I’ve not purchased an Apple product in some time. I still have a first-generation Apple Watch that I’ve had to repair the ballooning battery multiple times. My iPhone is multiple generations old but still works just fine, even though I can tell when an update from Apple throttled the iOS. It will have to take something extraordinary to make me say, “Oh, I want that!”


When the hell are we going to get the Apple Wish Prince?!


[Source: Apple’s YouTube Channel]

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