Arcade1Up Now Offering ‘Kids & Kids at Heart’ Pac-Man Bundle


In August, we covered Arcade1Up’s new kid-sized arcade cabinets. With big buttons and plenty of soft plastic, it’s kinda like a Fisher-Price “My First Arcade” setup. Now, Arcade1Up is offering a bundle for Kids & Kids at Heart. This set comes with the new tiny Pac-Man machine and the full-size cabinet for $599.99.


The smaller machine comes with Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Galaga. The full-size cabinet is packed with 12 Namco games, including Mappy, Galaga, and several Pac-Man titles. This combo pack of retro-goodness will start shipping in late November.


Arcade1Up Jr. is a 3-foot-tall, kid-sized arcade cabinet with oversized buttons, an eye-level 8-inch screen, and a lightweight, but sturdy, design – just the right size for those early years and it fits snuggly in kiddie corners everywhere. Arcade1Up Jr. PAC-MAN™ comes with the classic retro games PAC-MAN™, DIG DUG™, and GALAGA™.

For the big kids, we have the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Legacy Edition arcade machine. The marquee game, PAC-MAN™, is just the start of the phenomenal line-up of 12 classic games that will bring you right back to the golden age of arcade gaming.

I’ve been modding several Arcade1Up cabinets over the past month. With a bit of tweaking and a Raspberry Pi, you could turn the tiny Pac-Man machine into a retro gaming powerhouse for your kid. But, I wonder how that giant joystick would fare while trying to play Marvel VS Capcom?

What are your thoughts on these child-sized arcade machines? A gateway to retro gaming for kids or a potential insta-regret purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Source: Arcade1Up]


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