Arcade1Up’s Big Blue Street Fighter Cabinet To Feature 12 Games


I’m doing back-to-back Arcade1Up news today, ya’ll. Earlier it was TMNT, and now it’s Ken and Ryu’s fun with friends and fists!

Get ready for another Street Fighter II Champion Edition cabinet with a twist! To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fighting game that revolutionized the genre, Capcom and Arcade1up are releasing the Big Blue Arcade Machine!


It’s got sharp angles. It’s slim. It’s blue. It’s got all the right moves!

Capcom | Arcade1up

Now let’s talk eye-appeal. A gorgeous cabinet design accentuating the Street Fighter II™ artwork. A matching riser, that provides both height and presence, and a huge light-up marquee that adds additional height will be the focal point of any game room. Feeling blue? You will be, in the best kind of way!

Twelve games, one immense cabinet, unlimited retro gaming fun. Add the Street Fighter™ II Championship Edition Big Blue from Arcade1Up to your home, and execute the “Shoryuken!” in style, no quarters required!

This cabinet will come with these 12 Capcom titles:

  • Street Fighter™ II: Championship Edition
  • Street Fighter™ II’ Hyper Fighting
  • Super Street Fighter™ II Turbo
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo™
  • Darkstalkers™
  • Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge™
  • Darkstalkers 3™
  • Saturday Night Slam Masters™
  • Knights of the Round ™
  • Eco Fighters™
  • Capcom Sports Club™
  • Muscle Bomber Duo™

That list has a few “Jeez; I remember that” titles in it for sure. This really has me jonesing for a MARVEL VS Capcom super cabinet with all the fighting games starring superheroes. Maybe one day.


For comparison, check out Arcade1Up’s older SFII machine that launched a few years ago:

Pre-orders start on July 1st. Don’t forget about the Turtles In Time cabinet as well!

What are your thoughts on this tall pointy blue monster? Should the Alpha series get the same kind of love when its 30th rolls around in 2025? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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