“Boldly Go” Campaign Honors ‘Star Trek’ Creator Gene Roddenberry

A photograph of Gene Roddenberry from 1961, used to advertise for Mutual of New York. Advertisement published in Look magazine via Wikimedia Commons

‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry is being honored in a huge way through the “Boldly Go” campaign that encourages fans from across the world to submit videos and photos that ask what they hope for in the next one-hundred years.

The Roddenberry Foundation is partnering with Paramount+ satellite company Planet and technology company OTOY to celebrate Roddenberry in what would have been his one-hundredth birthday.


Deadline reports, “The campaign will launch at Paramount+’s red carpet event on September 8, featuring Star Trek actors LeVar Burton, George Takei, Patrick Stewart, and others. Gene’s son Rod Roddenberry, founder of the Roddenberry Foundation and president of Roddenberry Entertainment, will appear on a panel about Star Trek’s legacy. The celebration will be live-streamed for free at StarTrek.com/Day starting at 8:30 PM ET.”

Gene Roddenberry’s son and head of the Foundation described the campaign saying, “The campaign is about inspiring hope and creating an opportunity for people to participate in building a better future. We want to acknowledge and in a way thank the fans for their role in keeping Star Trek and my dad’s legacy relevant. And we want to remind ourselves that we can make a difference, that together we can ensure that the values that fuel Star Trek—diversity, inclusion, and progress— are worthy and achievable. My dad would have loved the idea of combining philanthropy and fan participation into real-world impact. We’ll have more updates on our impact as the campaign progresses.”

Roddenberry was born on August 19, 1921. The first show he produced was ‘The Lieutenant’ which ran for one season that ended in 1964. It was that same year when he launched ‘Star Trek,’ a science fiction franchise that made him a household name. The show would inspire spin-offs, novels, movies, video games, and eventually earn Roddenberry a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1985.

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