Conker’s Is Ready For War With This Bad Fur Day Statue

Conker is having a really bad day.
We spotted these new Soldier Conker statues over at When we checked out First 4 Figure‘s website, it turned out there are actually three statues. The Standard and Exclusive Editions are almost identical, except the Exclusive’s base flames, gun effects, and Conker’s cigar light up.
The Definitive Edition has a different base, with Conker standing atop a mound of massacred stuffed bears. However, the lighting effects are still the same as the Exclusive Edition.
First 4 Figure is currently having a sale on the statues. The prices range from $524.99 to $699.99. There are 11 days left to pre-order these works of art featuring Conker. The estimated release date is in the fourth quarter of this year.

First 4 figures
First 4 figures

The highly detailed Conker statue is inspired by the eighth chapter in the game, “It’s War”, where Conker is taken to the war-torn Tediz Base Beachhead. Conker undergoes a costume change fit for war and dons a combat helmet whilst wielding two guns to protect himself against his enemies, the Tediz, hostile teddy bears attempting to take over Conker’s world.

When are we going to get a new Conker’s game? It’s been over a decade since Bad Fur Day got an upgrade on the original XBOX. The foul-mouthed squirrel originally made his debut on the Nintendo 64 in 2001. It was both notorious and a hit. Unfortunately, you could never find it to rent at Blockbusters. Sales-wise, it fell short.
The XBOX version improved the graphics while also neutering some aspects of the game. At least this release gave us an awesome multiplayer mode. Ah, the height of XBOX Live when everyone was screaming slurs at you with voice filters on. I miss those days.
What do you think of the two Soldier Conker statues? Which one would you get? Should Conker be resurrected for a new, potentially watered-down adventure? Let us know in the comments section below.
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