Darkseid of Snyder’s Cut of ‘Justice League’ Immortalized in Polystone


As he appeared in Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, Darkseid is getting his own statue from Iron Studios. Darkseid’s statue is 13″ tall and will run you $199. Unfortunately, his eyes do not light up, which feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. His eyes were almost always ablaze and ready to fire an Omega Beam in his scenes.

The ruler of Apokolips will be arriving sometime between October and December 2022.

Iron Studios
Iron Studios
Iron Studios
Iron Studios
  • Features:
    Limited edition
  • Based on original references
  • Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal, and fabric)
  • Hand-painted
  • Product dimensions: 13.7 in (H) x 6.7 in (W) x 6.7 in (D)
  • Product Weight: 4 lbs

There’s no mistaking that this is Darkseid, but now that I can look at a static model of him, a few things don’t look right. Where is his monobrow/forehead cliff? Why is his color scheme so drab? Even Thanos got many of his typical colors in the MCU. Would it kill the art director to grant Darkseid some purples and blues?

What are your thoughts on how Darkseid was represented in the true version of Justice League?

[Source: Iron Studios]


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