DC Comics Gives “First Look” At Tom King’s ‘Batman/Catwoman Special’


DC Comics Black Label dropped a bombshell with its “first look” at Tom King’s ‘Batman/Catwoman Special’ issue one which is set to reveal some of Selina Kyle’s lonely childhood. It also features a plethora of artists and writers adding their own spin. This includes the late comic book artist John Paul Leon, known for Marvel’s ‘Earth X,’ among numerous other titles.

“Batman and Catwoman have pretty much the definition of a complicated relationship,” DC Universe explains. “They’ve been adversaries, they’ve been allies, they’ve been engaged and now they’re…well, what are they exactly? That’s the real question at the heart of Tom King’s Batman/Catwoman, the out-of-continuity DC Black Label series that drops in on the costume-clad couple at various points throughout their relationship.”


They continue, “Batman/Catwoman is about to enter its final act, but before we get there, we have what King describes as a one-shot “interlude” in next week’s Batman/Catwoman Special #1, featuring a script by King and story art from Mitch Gerads, Bernard Chang, Shawn Crystal and, in the final work completed before his untimely death, John Paul Leon. Leon drew the first thirteen pages of the comic and provided the breakdowns for seven more before losing his longtime battle with cancer last year.”

They also released a glimpse at the cover:

Leon previously dipped his talent into Batman comics, having worked on such titles as Shadow of the Bat, Batman Incorporated Special, Detective Comics, and Batman: Creature of the Night, just to name a few.


DC Universe explains the story is “also a poignant meditation on loss and saying goodbye. But surprisingly, our first look at the special focuses on the other side of Selina’s relationship with Bruce—the first time she ever saw him, when she was a child at the orphanage established by his family. It’s a sweetly envisioned moment, giving us a glimpse at Selina at arguably her most vulnerable, and certainly the youngest we’ve seen her in quite a while.”

‘Batman/Catwoman Special #1’ is currently available digitally and in physical form at comic book shops.

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