Dr. Jordan Peterson Mocked by Marvel Comics


Perhaps the internet is a place where even the oddest of things will eventually manifest itself into being? If so, it’s about the only way you can understand how the following article could possibly be real.

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Jordan Peterson, he is a world famous clinical psychologist out of Canada who has taught at the University of Toronto and Harvard. Before being thrust into the limelight, he was most famous for having taken fifteen years to write the most preeminent book on the psychological underpinnings that allowed the atrocities of the 20th century. His book, Maps of Meaning, written at a high collegiate level for psychology classes, students, and professors, was designed to explain how people could believe the things that allowed for the holocaust, the killing fields of Cambodia, the mass starvations of millions in China under Mao, and the horrors of the gulags with Stalin in Russia. He has often said that Maps of Meaning was written out of a desire for humanity to avoid those atrocities in the future.


It is therefore difficult to imagine how in the world The Atlantic contributor turned Marvel Comics writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates, could pick Dr. Peterson as the basis for villain Red Skull’s belief system. Red Skull represents Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia all in one, and fights against Captain America. In fact, it is so ridiculously incongruent that it seems a round piece was shoved into a star-shaped hole just for the cause of malice. It’s doubtful that it is intended to influence youth away from Dr. Peterson’s teachings, as 1) Peterson speaks at a high level mostly to adults, and 2) there just aren’t many people at all who read Marvel Comics anymore.

You can sort of see just how bizarre this is by the writing. Captain America claims that the Red Skull villain (who has suddenly adopted Dr. Peterson’s real life teachings) is telling young men that they are secretly great.


Um… yes. That’s true. All people are infinitely valuable with incredible potential, and until they realize that it is a tremendous secret that they should discover.

Captain America then goes onto say that the Red Skull teaches young mean that the whole world is against them and that if they’re strong they’ll fight back. Well, while that isn’t part of the teachings of Dr. Peterson per se, they do sound like the beginnings of nearly every superhero origin story ever written.

So while writer Ta-Nehisi Coates uses the “Rules for Life”, “Chaos and Order”, and young men can make something of themselves as ways to ridicule Dr. Peterson, it’s clear Coates is way out of his league when it comes to understanding those concepts. And here at D-Rezzed, we’ll be waiting for Coates to write the parts where Red Skull teaches people to clean up their rooms, carry their crosses, endure suffering for meaning, become competent so that you can help others, and that you should pet the stray cat even during your darkest times. I’m not sure how those are going to be used for villainy, but maybe the bad guys are taking on the mantras of what was known to be good just a few years ago.

Since Coates is supposedly writing a future Superman script, we can only assume Lex Luthor will be an acolyte of kindness and mercy. Perhaps Superman will be a collectivist who hates the Kents. At this point, it’s all such stupid parody that it could actually come true.

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