Funimation Announces English Dub Cast For ‘Kemono Jihen’


‘Kemono Jihen’ is a popular dark fantasy Shonen manga released through ‘Jump Square’ magazine since 2016. A twelve-episode anime adaption was announced at the Jump Festa ’20, the Japanese studio Ajia-do Animation Works developing the series.

Funimation recently announced on their blog that they have acquired the license to produce an English along with a cast list of who will portray the characters.


“If you haven’t experienced the supernatural shounen series Kemono Jihen just yet, there’s never been a more perfect time,” they write. “Why? Well, we’re excited to announce that the Kemono Jihen English dub is officially on its way.”

The includes Madeleine Morris (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) as Kabane, a 13-year-old ghoul-human hanyo or hybrid who was raised by his abusive aunt. He discovers his parents went on a journey to find the “Life Calculus” and cure him. He sets off on an adventure to find them. Patrick Seitz (My Hero Academia) will portay Inugami, a detective who solves mysteries regarding ghouls and takes care of Kabane.

The rest of the cast includes A.J. Beckles as Shiki; Cassie Ewulu (Horimiya) as Akira, Kristen McGuire (Dr. STONE) as Inari.

Brittany Lauda will serve as ADR Director with Jessica Cavanagh as Scriptwriter and Tyler Walker as Script Supervisor.


The first two episodes will debut on the Funimation NOW streaming service on May 23. In Japan, the series was directed by Masaya Fujimori with Nozomi Tachibana designing the characters.

Check out the trailer:

Written and illustrated by Shō Aimoto, the official synopsis for ‘Kemono Jihen’ explains, “Special detective Kohachi Inugami is sent to investigate a grisly phenomenon involving animal corpses near a remote mountain village. But after meeting a strange boy who agrees to help, he discovers cursed supernatural forces at work. Little by little, Inugami uncovers the truth behind the killings and the boy who may not even be human.”

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