‘Great White’ Star Opens Up About New Shark Horror Flick


Former ’30 Rock’ actress Katrina Bowden is set to star in Hollywood’s latest shark horror film directed by Martin Wilson. It is from Shudder and RLJE Films. The movie is about a couple on an ocean tour that goes wrong when a pair of great white sharks attack the people on the tour.

The ‘ Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’ star recently sat down with SyFy Wire to talk about the film and why it stands out as a shark movie.


“We wanted to focus on the fact that there’s a lot of isolation and that is horrifying on its own without sharks involved. We wanted to really focus on those quiet moments in the movie and give the audience that feeling of total helplessness and despair,” Bowden explained. “I think those moments in the movie do really make the big jump scares and big action scenes much more impactful because you don’t know when they’re going [to] happen.”

When audiences think about a shark film, Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster ‘Jaws’ comes to mind. There have been similar movies about shark attacks, but Bowden explains why this movie is unique among shark horror films.

She continued, “’Great White’ does a really great job of flipping the typical shark genre on its head in that the people who die may not be who you expect to die, and the order and way in which people who die do die, is interesting in itself and kind of leaves you on the edge of your seat because not everyone dies on accident.”

Bowden added, “Some movies you go in knowing who is going to die, but I think ‘Great White’ does a good job of keeping you guessing.”


She also expressed her appreciation for the process of working on the film.

“There is something kind of fun about doing a thriller-horror type of movie — especially in the shark genre,” she said.

You can see ‘Great White’ in theaters or on-demand.

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