Iconic X-Men Writer Chris Claremont Returns For ‘X-Men: Legends’


Comic book writer Chris Claremont is a fan-favorite of X-Men readers who co-created many legendary Marvel Comics characters including Rogue, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Mystique. He also kicked off several spin-offs including the New Mutants and Excalibur as well as co-wrote the highly-acclaimed “Dark Phoenix Saga.”

Now, Claremont is returning to his roots with an entry into ‘X-Men: Legends’ with the twelfth issue, which he is partnering with artist Scot Eaton to write for Marvel.


“It’s always fun wandering back along existing pathways and especially having the opportunity to fill in a couple of nifty gaps that were initially skipped over along the way—closing off one significant story-arc and lighting the fire that ignites the series that follows,” Claremont told Marvel. “Talk about a treat!”

“Launched earlier this year, X-MEN LEGENDS has given some of the greatest X-Men creators in history the chance to revisit their classic runs with revelatory new tales that have astounded and delighted X-Men fans. And this February, Chris Claremont, the writer behind the franchise’s most influential works, will make his mark on the series in X-MEN LEGENDS #12,” they said in a statement.

They released the cover by Alan Davis on social media:


Marvel continued, “His long-awaited debut on the title will see the writer step back into his unparalleled run on UNCANNY X-MEN in a story set before the start of another one of his iconic works, EXCALIBUR. Teaming up with popular X-Men artist Scot Eaton, the groundbreaking writer will pen an all-new tale centered around the legendary characters he created and defined including Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Mystique, and Destiny!”

“In the aftermath of “Fall of the Mutants,” the X-Men are dead. Or so the world believes. And Mystique seeks revenge on Forge for his role in the loss of Rogue. In order to stop her partner from making a grave mistake, Destiny will have to recruit Nightcrawler and Shadowcat who, injured as they are, must dig deep to find new strength and do what is right as the last X-Men standing,” Marvel added.

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