John Cena Continues Bizarre Mandarin Chinese Videos


Back when John Cena apologized for calling Taiwan a country (which it is), many assumed that his days of hostage-style videos in Mandarin Chinese would be over. Those who made that assumption have been shown to underestimate the raw talent that is Mr. Cena.


You see, a lesser man might have stopped once the entire globe mocked him and the Chinese audiences vacated every theater showing F9. But not John Cena, for he is not like other men. No, his fortitude is world renowned, and with a full steam of prostrate groveling in his belly, the man, the myth, the legend has returned with another Level 10 Cringe video drop:

Sporting either the fake makeup of an actor portraying roadkill or, perhaps, actual real bloody wounds on his face from being held prisoner somewhere in China, one has to wonder about the mental stability of Mr. Cena. He seems to be encouraging the consumption of some bizarre condiment or canned food item, which he chants like a villain from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Frankly, I find the Cena video more disturbing.


Luckily, there are Twitter replies that can help us all mentally deal with the trauma that is John Cena’s continuing video escapades.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re able to sleuth exactly what food item he’s peddling. We’d love to know so we can avoid its apparent delirium side effect.

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