Hail Lobster: Disney and Marvel’s Red Skull Controversy Turns to Charity


On April 6th, we brought attention to the memes being created around the whole Jordan Peterson / Red Skull controversy. For those of you who haven’t been up to date on that situation, we’ve got it covered here:

Jordan Peterson Mocked by Marvel Comics


Well now the tides have turned as Jordan Peterson is using the comparison of himself to Red Skull to raise money towards charity. Calling it “Hail Lobster” in parody of “Hail Hydra”, he’s selling limited-time merchandise that will 100% go to a good cause. The lobster part of this parody is due to him being associated with the crustaceans after devoting a chapter of one of his books to the neuropsychology behind hierarchical structures, and how even primitive creatures like the lobster orient themselves based on hierarchy.

Given that Disney’s Marvel Comics are comparing Peterson to a fantastical villain of pure evil, it’s nice to see Peterson use it for comic relief. I’m not sure that it’s appropriate for any company to use real, living people as inspiration for their super villains since that’s just a wee bit into the character assassination territory. Whatever you think of Jordan Peterson, his rules for life, and his theories of chaos and order, it’s still probably not wise for Disney to compare him to Red Skull. And since his whole career has been based around trying to explain psychologically how to avoid the atrocities of the 20th century in our modern era, maybe the comparison isn’t an apropo take on the clinical psychologist turned self-help guru.


Who knows? Maybe Jordan Peterson will be doing a cameo in some future Captain America MCU series. Our guess is not, but we’re glad he is having good humor about the situation and turning it into a chance for charity. Then again, with the cratering ratings rumors we’re seeing about Falcon and the Winter Soldier, that might be just what Disney needs to drive up that viewership. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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