Josh Duhamel Discusses ‘Night of the Animated Dead’


Jason Axinn set out to do an animated remake of George Romero’s classic horror film ‘Night of the Living Dead’ in the form of ‘Night of the Animated Dead.’

Josh Duhamel, the actor taking over the role of Harry Cooper, spoke with Collider about the project and how he approached performing the character.


“I’m not a hardcore horror fan,” he said when asked about the pressures of remaking a “beloved” film. “I didn’t really feel a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver it. But I do like the idea of the challenge of trying to do something that has already been beloved for so many years. If you’re going to take a shot at it, sometimes you miss and sometimes you lose. I think that people ultimately appreciate the effort, whether they even realize it or not. And so for me, it’s not life or death. It’s just me out there trying to do something fun and new and a different spin on something that’s already been beloved for so long.”

When asked about how he approached the character, he replied, “I just felt like I wanted to try to play this guy as realistically as I could, considering the situation. He was the guy who was under a tremendous amount of pressure, uncertainty, stress, and fear, of not knowing what these things are wondering if his daughter has been infected by whatever these things have. And then, just trying to get through the night and trying to save his family, from whatever this is. From that came a guy who was opinionated and agitating and prickly.”

Duhamel continued, “But in my opinion, I don’t judge him for that. I just feel like, who wouldn’t be in that situation? If you’ve got a daughter who may or may not be dying in the basement, you’re gonna do whatever you can to save them. And that’s where I played it from.”

‘Night of the Animated Dead’ was released through Warner Bros. Animation and is now available to watch through video-on-demand.


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