Justin Theroux Denies ‘Joker’ Sequel Rumors

Episode 1. Justin Theroux in “The Mosquito Coast,” premiering April 30 on Apple TV+.

‘The Mosquito Coast’ actor Justin Theroux addressed rumors that he was cast in the planned sequel to the Todd Philip directed DC Comics film ‘Joker.’

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Theroux discussed his cameo appearances in ‘Joker’ and ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi.’


“Yeah, I’m not averse to doing those at all,” he said. “‘They’ sort of tell you, ‘Yeah, you shouldn’t really do that because you’re doing so well. You don’t really need to do that.’ Well, why wouldn’t I do that? It’s super fun.”

“‘Joker’ was just random,” Theroux explained. “Todd Phillips just called me and said that they were shooting in New York, And since I was in New York, he said, “Hey, do you want to do this quick little thing?” And I said, “Sure, yeah.” It was shooting in a week or two weeks. I was like, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” If I wasn’t free, I wouldn’t have done it, but I was free, so I said, “Yeah, I’d love that. That would be super fun.” What’s wrong with sitting around and giggling for a day with Robert De Niro and Todd Phillips? I’m not averse to that. I don’t have too much pride around those things. I won’t say, “Well, that’s not a big enough part,” or, ‘If you give me some more lines …’”

“Same with Star Wars,” he continued. “I got to go to London for a couple of days and see this incredible set with all of the incredible animatronics, puppetry, design and wardrobe. Yeah, it was absolutely fun.”

As for the rumors of him returning for an expanded role in the much-discussed ‘Joker’ sequel, he denied any involvement.


“All I can say is I haven’t spoken to Todd in forever, and I have not approached him about doing anything for Joker,” Theroux added. “I won’t say any more than that. Unless he has some brilliant way to weave in that small character, that would really be shoehorning a character into the movie that probably doesn’t need to be there.”

As Cinema Blend notes, there is not a lot new to report on the ‘Joker’ sequel other than Todd Philips hinted at a possible Batman appearance.

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