‘Karen’ Movie Trailer is So Cringe That People Think it’s an SNL Skit


Some people say it’s secretly an SNL spoof gone viral and masquerading as real. Some people say it’s proof that Hollywood is actually hellbent on destroying any semblance of peace in America. Others contend it provides definitive proof that people with money can actually have negative IQ scores when the stars align just right.

Without further adieu, let us present to you the trailer for an upcoming film titled: Karen the Movie.


The trailer reminds me of propaganda films not seen for generations in which the goal was to have people hate others. You’d have to go back to films made in other countries to find something this divisive. More concerning is the message this is sure to send to youth who are gullible enough to buy into the message. And what is the message?

Well, it seems to be that African American families will be harassed if they own homes in nicer subdivisions.

That’s all I can figure out from it.



Who knows? Maybe there’s a twist in the end of the movie that says, “hey, actually being friendly across the races of America is totally the norm, and people of any race should totally feel comfortable buying real estate anywhere they’d like.”

I’m not holding my breath, though.

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