Madballs Return Again With Retro-Inspired Action Figures

Madballs are back, again! This time a company called Premium DNA is handling the IP. We spotted new Madballs toys over at the Big Bad Toy Store. These include updated versions of action figures and a new Madball called Trashin’ Pumpkin.
The new editions of the Madball action figures include 26 points of articulation, multiple interchangeable parts, and accessories. Premium DNA even captured the weird squat proportions of the originals. These guys, however, do not have the head launching play feature, thankfully.
Premium DNA focuses on several retro IPs include Battle Toads, Conkers, Earthworm Jim, and even the forgotten toyline called Barnyard Commandos.

Premium DNA
Premium DNA
Premium DNA
MadBalls as a brand has been fluxing in and out of the market for many years now. Sometimes there’s a resurgence of the classic balls. Other times the classics get slightly reinvented. Then there was that time that iconic horror movie villains got the ball treatment (heh).
If you grew up in the ’80s, you might have rented the Madballs movie, which was a pilot for a TV series that, sadly, never got picked up. But, if you went further down the rabbit hole, there was another VHS tape of the Madballs telling bad jokes. Yup. I remember seeing that at the movie rental place in my podunk town. It existed.

Get ready for some bad jokes and even worse animation!

I had the Oculus Orbus figure when I was a kid. The eye/head would never stay on the body. The latch was too loose. So, the eye would shoot off randomly. Nevertheless, he was cool looking thanks to that blood-red veiny body. These things lived up to their reputation of being gross. Perfect for kids of the 1980s!

The school I was going to in the late ’80s banned us from having Madballs. We couldn’t bring them to school or even wear anything with the branding. The school board made the same rule for band t-shirts, too. No White Snake or Run DMC gear for us elementary school kids.
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