Matthias Schweighöfer Discusses Why His ‘Army of the Dead’ Character Is A Fan Favorite


‘Army of the Dead’ actor Matthias Schweighöfer is not only returning to the upcoming prequel ‘Army of Thieves,’ but he will also sit in the director’s chair. Having previously director or starred in over eighty European films. He recently spoke about why his character Dieter is such a fan favorite.

“He’s part of the comic-relief team with Omari Hardwick, and he’s a very funny and likable dude,” he said in an interview published by Netflix. “What I love about Dieter is that he’s just a normal guy but very shy, very weird. He has these crazy hobbies, he loves safes, and he believes in all this myth stuff. What I really love about this character is that he’s proof that everyone in the world needs love and wants to be loved by someone. And for me, this character is my way of saying, ‘Hey, I always was insecure here in my country, but I can go out there. I can be big. I’m allowed to dream big. I can be everything and I can do everything if I’m willed to and powerful.’”


On the infamous laugh, he said, “To be honest, I have a crazy, high-pitched laugh, and my best friend has the same pitch. When we laugh together, people leave a restaurant because it’s so loud. I love that part of acting when someone is doing a weird thing you do not expect. I was a huge fan of Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element because he screamed really loud. But in real life, I do not scream like that, but I love to use it for characters because it’s always a very unexpected move.”

‘Army of Thieves’ is scheduled to be streaming on Netflix on October 29, 2021. Ahead of its release, producer Zack Snyder announced that a direct sequel ‘Army of the Dead’ titled ‘Planet of the Dead’ will go into production following the completion of ‘Rebel Moon.’

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