MCU Star Chris Pratt Discusses ‘Alaskan Nets’ Documentary

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

When he is not being chased by dinosaurs or traveling through the galaxy, Chris Pratt finds time to make a documentary with Good Deed Entertainment titled ‘Alaskan Nets,’ about the basketball team Metlakatla Chiefs from a remote Alaskan village.

Directed by Jeff Harasimowicz, the film made its official debut at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival where it won the Audience Award for its story of the Chiefs rallying for their first championship in three decades.


Pratt sat down with Slash Film for an interview where he discussed ‘Alaskan Nets’ and what he liked about the movie.

“The film was brought to Indivisible Productions by the director Jeff who had personally financed the piece,” he explained. “I hadn’t heard of it before I saw the film, but it really resonated with me given I spent a portion of my childhood in Alaska and grew up in a town fiercely dedicated to -and in many ways defined by their high school sports programs.”

Pratt continued, “What is community if not the connection between inhabitants of a certain region through hope, pride, suffering and sacrifice. Basketball, along with the local fishing industry is one of the only threads that weaves the fabric of Metlakatla together. Sports teams allow us to be part of something bigger than ourselves, they give us an identity. With Alaskan Nets the audience gets to follow along as these wonderful young men search for meaning. Basketball, the State Championship, the legacy means everything to them and because we love them it means everything to us too.”

When asked about a narrative film about the story, Pratt replied, “Who knows. It’s not a bad idea. Add a talking raccoon and a couple of dinosaurs and we’ll talk! Ha!”


You can watch the trailer below:

The film’s official synopsis says,

“Off the coast of Southeast Alaska lies an island — remote, largely hidden from the outside world and home to the Tsimshian natives of Alaska’s last remaining native reserve: Metlakatla. For more than a century, two sacred traditions have defined Metlakatla: fishing and basketball. Audiences will witness the improbable journey of cousins Danny Marsden and DJ King, fishermen and stars of the high school basketball team as they lead their team and town toward their first state championship in more than 30 years – the only thing that will bring life back to an island that has undergone unimaginable tragedy.”

The documentary is available for digital and video-on-demand viewing.

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