Mondo’s Version of Masters of the Universe’s Keldor Available Today!

Mattel | Mondo

Prince Keldor is the latest edition to Mondo’s 1/6th scale figures based on ‘Masters of the Universe.’ This take on the classic figures isn’t just one-to-one adaptations of the toys. Mondo’s artists quite a lot of extra detail that makes

While Mondo has issued several figures based on this property, only Man-at-Arms is available to purchase. Skeletor, He-Man, Faker, Merman have all sold out.


However, Keldor is about to be available for purchase in just a couple of hours. Mondo will be offering the man who would become Skeletor as of 1 PM CT. We spotted this press release over at

Mattel | Mondo

Keldor is expected to ship in April and will come packed with the following:

Featuring his two famous blades, blasters, a mid-transformation skull, the acid vile that wounded him, and finally, the Alcala Skeletor head. This collectible has a stage for everybody, and is the gruesomely best way to show off Keldor in all his former glory!

If you’re not up to date on Skeletor’s origins, let’s give you the rundown. Boneface was once known as Keldor, the exiled half-brother of King Randor. When Keldor made his move to claim the power of Castle Greyskull, he clashed directly with his kin.

During the battle, Keldor was mortally wounded with a vial of his own acid. Retreating to Snake Mountain, Keldor begged the spirit of Hordak to save his life. Skeletor was born when Keldor was merged with the spirit of Demo-Man.


If you need something more visual, here’s the origin via the 200X series:

Which other characters from ‘Masters of the Universe’ would you like to see get the Mondo treatment? I’m waiting for Triclops, personally. Let us know in the comments section.

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