NECA Brings Us The Ultimate and Original Ash From ‘The Evil Dead’


It has been 40 years since Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell set in motion a series of films that would be iconic on many levels. The Evil Dead gave us the Necronomicon, a less mouthy Ash Williams, and a whole lot of crazy camera work.

Now NECA is celebrating this anniversary with Ultimate Ash, a new action figure that captures exactly how the hero looked in 1981. From the hair parted down the middle to the very young face, this is undoubtedly Ash’s first mingle with the forces of darkness.


We spotted this youthful Ash over at He will be making his debut, reportedly, in early 2022. So look for him on the shelves with the rest of the NECA figures at your local Target after the New Year.


Ash will come with three head sculpts and two pairs of interchangeable hands. The other accessories include the chainsaw, shotgun, ax, lantern, and the dreaded tape recorder. Knowing NECA, we will probably get a blood-soaked variant sometime in the future.

The Evil Dead brought us many of the tropes that were synonymous with Raimi films. First, as mentioned before, there’s the camera work, including the first-person cam of the Evil in the woods along with very Italian crash zooms. The Evil Dead, I thought, was what a Lucio Fulci horror movie would be like if it were intentionally funny.


What are your thoughts on young Ash? Did NECA’s artists nail the look of the budding horror icon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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