NECA’s Ultimate RoboCop Features Peter Weller’s Likeness & Nap Time Chair

Peter Weller’s likeness is finally being bestowed on NECA’s RoboCop action figures. Again, both versions of the Detroit cyborg police officer due out in April 2022 will come with swappable heads; this time, we get to see Weller’s bald mug that dwelled under the helmet.
Ultimate RoboCop features the cyborg law enforcement officer with nice shiny armor, his signature auto-9 firearm, and the unmasked head of Alex Murphy. Yep, Peter Weller’s likeness is finally an accessory with these figures.


Battle criminals and rogue enforcement droids alike with an array of accessories: interchangeable data spike fist, Auto-9 pistol that fits into a hidden spring-loaded leg holster, Cobra Assault Cannon, attachable muzzle blast effect, and an additional interchangeable head with the likeness of Peter Weller.

If you’re not into RoboCop with clean armor, not to worry. NECA has a super Ultimate set coming soon with the battle-damaged lawman and his weird BDSM nap time chair. This one comes with an interchangeable head sporting Weller’s likeness, too. Too bad there’s no paste dispenser. You know kids want to be able to feed Murphy like a baby.


After fighting baddies all day, dock the 7” scale Ultimate Battle-Damaged RoboCop figure in the included screen-accurate chair with movable elements. The chair is over 8″ tall, over 7″ wide, and has swiveling seat as well as articulated swiveling monitors! RoboCop comes with even more accessories, too: interchangeable data spike fist, Auto-9 pistol, attachable muzzle blast effect, and an additional interchangeable head with the likeness of Peter Weller.

I hope that’s not the final product as far as Weller’s likeness is concerned. The eyes and nose are spot-on, but the lips make him look like he is trying to be a bit pouty. Kiss face RoboCop is kind of funny, though. That should have been a scene in RoboCop 2; Murphy is reprogrammed to kiss criminals.
What do you think of NECA’s new Robos? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: NECA]

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