Netflix Creates a New Anime Creators’ Base in Japan


On their youtube anime channel, Netflix Anime announced a new “community space” in Tokyo, Japan. This was launched specifically to develop ideas and concepts for anime content to air on the streaming platform. Netflix describes this as their first-ever Anime Creators’ Base which will host designers, writers, and Netflix team members to work on bolstering their anime lineup. Their goal with this new space is to promote the best practices and high production standards, and to empower creators with the necessary tools and resources of anime production over time.

The Tokyo space is divided into three separate parts, as described below:


Designers’ Garage: This space seats up to 10 designers and artists. At launch, designers will focus on creating conceptual art at the early developmental stages of an anime series or film to ensure creative staff is aligned on the look and feel of a project.

Writers’ Garage: This meeting room is designed to be a collaborative space for creatives working on anime shows, where teams will develop and edit scripts, and invite creators to discuss new projects (and of course, geek out a little on anime).

Lab: This multi-functional space is designed to be a versatile room for innovation, like testing out new creative technologies such as VR or playing around with the latest motion capture technologies.


Netflix Anime Creators’ Base will focus on developing conceptual art to support creators and production studios during pre-production. Two designers, Namiko Ishidate and Saina Cisse, will be based there to help with this work.

See the full video tour here:

Source: Netflix

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