New G.I. Joe Minimates On The Way From Diamond Select

Diamond Select


Diamond Select has announced a new boxset for the first series in their G.I. Joe line of Minimates. Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Duke, and Scarlett kick off the official first batch of 2″ tall miniature figures with 16 points of articulation.


Rather than coming in the window box typical of this line, the Joes will be packed in what looks like a cardboard ammo box. Each figure will be packaged individually on a blister card paying homage to those Hasbro days of the early 1980s. In addition, the Joes all come with a signature weapon.

Diamond Select
Diamond Select

A Diamond Select Toys release! Yo, Joe! The first series of G.I. Joe Minimates features some of the Joe team’s most popular characters in some seriously stylin’ packaging! Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Duke and Roadblock each come packaged on a full-color blister card, styled after the vintage cardbacks of old, and all four cards come packaged in a full-color box.

Earlier this year, there was a Free Comic Book Day exclusive four-pack with Cobra Commander, Shadow Storm, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes. That can still be picked up for $29.99 if you click here.

I was unaware that Minimates were still around. Years ago, you’d see them everywhere. Once Toys R Us shut down, they sort of vanished from my area. Maybe Florida bumkins aren’t civilized enough for stylized miniatures of classic comic books and television characters?


I’ve noticed that only a select number of G.I. Joe and Cobra characters appear to make it back on the marketplace. Hasbro’s 6″ line is solving that, somewhat, but when was the last time you remember seeing Shipwreck or Sub-Zero figures? Give these guys some love!

G.I. Joe Classified should have an entire line dedicated to the Joes who show up in the classic Fensler Films parodies. Give them cartoon-accurate paint jobs, too.

What do you think of my wild ideas that would probably sink an entire toyline? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Diamond Select]

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