New Overwatch Director, Aaron Keller, Looks Miserable as Cross-Platform Play Announced


File this article in the “things that surely have an explanation we have yet to uncover” folder.

Overwatch, the hero shooter by Blizzard, has had better days. Much better days. When it launched, it was the biggest, bestest, baddest game on the planet. Then Fortnite came in and stole its audience. So Blizzard responded by pumping basically all of its development team into building up an e-Sports league around Overwatch. That then subsequently failed, although it still exists with little relevance. Fast forward to a few months ago and their game director left the company.


But Overwatch does these “Developer Update” videos that, on occasion, let players know what’s up next. Jeff Kaplan always did them before, so now they’re putting the new game director in the latest video. Only… he sort of looks like he’s miserable. I mean, really, you’ve seldom seen anything like this. The director of the game, the head of development, the company’s best pitch man, looks like he’s ready to vomit on the spot.

In fact, the video is so bizarre that one of the top comments on YouTube is from ChromeEnthusiast:

“This man speaks like he’s being held hostage.”

Add to it just how awkwardly the company is trying to mix cross-platform with a message about Pride Month, and you get one of the most cringey video game videos I’ve seen in a long, long time. And that’s saying something for an industry that can beat any other in cringe-fiestas. They actually try to tie this in with Pride Month by insinuating that console players are sort of like LGBTQ+ people because… platform inclusion?


I don’t even know what to say, except that I suppose it’s good Overwatch is finally doing what it should have done four years ago. But given the pain this poor man looks to be in, I would not be surprised if he’s ready to jump ship along with Jeff Kaplan very, very soon.


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