New Transformers Film Will Reveal Maximals, Predacons, and Terrorcons


Paramount Pictures revealed some interesting information about the seventh installment of the Transformers franchise which will be released under the title ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.’

The movie is being directed by Steven Caple Jr., producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, as well as the film’s stars Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback offered insight into the upcoming science fiction flick during a virtual showcase, Deadline reports.


The movie will take place in 1994 Brooklyn, New York, and will be a follow-up to the hit film ‘Bumblebee.’ It is rumored to ignore the Michael Bay features.

The film will borrow from ‘Beast Wars,’ a sequel CGI animated series to the 1984 ‘Transformers’ cartoon, and will feature the Maximals battling their arch-enemies the Predacons who are allied with the “new threat” Terrorcons.

“In their disguise, [Maximals take on] animal form,” Caple explained. “So…in our film, they’re these prehistoric animals that travel through time and space, and we find them here on Earth.”

“The Predacons in our film are more reptilian in nature. We’ve seen a few in other Transformers films, but [in the new film], we get to see another side of them,” continued the ‘Creed II’ director. “It’s all about building a backstory to these characters, and we’ll see that more on the Predacon and Terracon side.”


Di Bonaventura chimed in, “You’re going to see villians you’ve never seen, Autobots you’ve never seen, elements we’ve never done before.” He added, “One of the driving decisions along the way is, ‘Have we done that before?’ whether that’s an action scene or a character.”

Aside from these confirmations, Peter Cullen will return to voice the iconic leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime, reprising his role from the previous films as well as the original animated series. Collider confirms that Bumblebee, Arcee, Mirage, and Nightbird will also be featured in the film.

It is worth noting that in the original series, both the Predacons and the Terrorcons were not their own race of Transformers on Cybertron. The Predacons were a Combiner subgroup led by Razorclaw and could merge into Predaking. Later, they take over the Decepticons sometime after the events of the “Rebirth” prior to the Beast Wars.

Likewise, the Terrorcons are lead by Hun-Gurrr and his team can combine into Abominus. In both the original series, they were a proud Decepticon team under Megatron and not a standalone group. In fact, in the Japanese continuation series “Zone,” Abominus is summoned by the Decepticons as one of their “Nine Great Generals.”

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