Nintendo Switch Pro 4K OLED to Be Announced at E3?


Not so long ago on this website, we speculated that Nintendo might choose to hold off on releasing the Nintendo Switch 4K model given the worldwide semiconductor shortage. You may have read about how Sony and Microsoft are both struggling just to produce their new consoles. But it now appears that Nintendo will forge ahead with a big announcement at this year’s virtual E3.

Introducing the Nintendo Switch Pro.


According to a report from Bloomberg, as well as an accidental leak from Amazon in Mexico, the Nintendo Switch Pro is likely to go into production this summer, with a market release in the fall. This new console would phase out the original Nintendo Switch model, but not the Nintendo Switch Lite. And there are some very exciting new features for the console upgrade.

Not only are we now expecting that the Nintendo Switch Pro will offer docked 4K resolution for UHD televisions… but we now know that Samsung will be producing the Nintendo Switch Pro’s console screens. And what type of screens are those? Well, Nintendo is electing to go with OLED displays! Now that’s one heck of an upgrade.

Unfortunately, in an age of inflation and supply shortages, we’re also expecting that Nintendo will have to charge a more premium price for the new version of Switch. Whereas the original Switch still sells for $299, we think this new model may sell for $349 or even $399. More troubling, we’re expecting this new version of the Switch to be incredibly difficult to get your hands on this holiday season. With the Nintendo Swich Lite available for far less and in greater numbers, families will still have an affordable means of entry into Nintendo’s stellar platform.


Are you excited about a new, supercharged Nintendo Switch model? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be sure to cover all the upcoming news here at D-Rezzed.

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