Oh, F$#%! Rob Zombie Is Making a ‘Munsters’ Movie


Oh, f$#% indeed.

I love the Munsters. For a month, I painstakingly painted the Moebius model kits of Herman and Grandpa. The show was in syndication for a while when I discovered it as a kid in the ’80s. Being a horror fan, I instantly grew to love it and the friendly morbid humor.


Via Variety, we saw that over at Rob Zombie’s official Instagram; he announced that he finally secured the necessary things to make a Munsters movie with Universal Studios after much effort. This may be in the very early stages. So, who knows when this will manifest.

I’ve talked to Rob over the years about various projects, some of which never came to be. He is a very dedicated filmmaker and loves his craft. He has passion. He has a great talent for the visual aspects of cinema.

But… is he the right guy for the Munsters?


The Munsters have been in a bit of a holding pattern for years. After two failed reboots (see below), I wasn’t holding out for anyone to do the Munster family justice. Given what Zombie did with Halloween, I’m not sure if he is the right guy.

Rob Zombie can certainly nail the aesthetic. The character concepts will probably be amazing. However, do the Munster‘s really need f-bombs in every third line of dialog? That may be selling him short and making it sound like his filmmaking style is one-note, but it is a question that has to be asked.

The charm of the original came from Fred Gwynne’s loveable Herman Munster and Al Lewis’s crafty Grandpa Munster. Even the reboot that tried to replicate the characters couldn’t recapture the magic—something about how it was created and black and white rang true and oddly wholesome.

Trying it now; even when attempting, a more gritty tone falls flat. I blame this on the characters of Herman and Grandpa being embedded within our subconscious through years of reruns.

As I mentioned earlier, revivals of the Munsters brand were hit and miss. Some were huge misses. So, for your enjoyment, I’ve collected some of them below, including the very short-lived 1313 Mockingbird:

What are your thoughts on a Munster‘s movie by Rob Zombie? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Variety]

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