OP-ED: John Cena Apologizes to China for Calling Taiwan a Country


It wasn’t much fun watching China take over Hong Kong. Gone are the pro-democracy protesters, many of them locked away in jails where they’ll stay long after we’ve forgotten about them. Gone are the freedoms that Hong Kong permitted its citizens, which westerners have taken for granted prior to the pandemic. Yet that same totalitarian movement is headed for another semi-sovereign city state… and our coward celebrities are reacting just as you would expect.

John Cena Apologizes to China


Oh, they’ll tweet about Pride Month, and they’ll rail against the evil Republicans in their own country. But make no mistake, when it comes to China, where actual genocide, racial slavery, ethnic cleansing, forced child labor, organ harvesting, and more horrors take place under the watch of the state… American celebrities only know to shut up and grovel. Enter a man of great musculature but a spine so weak he can surely barely stand: John Cena.

Watch John Cena Apologize on Weibo

Yes, that’s John Cena in the Weibo app (think Chinese, CCP-monitored Twitter) offering his greatest apologies for daring to call Taiwan a country. China doesn’t like that, you see, because China wants to take over Taiwan like it took over Hong Kong last year. Taiwan wants to remain free and keep things like freedom of speech and representative government. But people like John Cena, who must clearly be lean on cash since he’ll do anything for more Chinese yuan, are happily willing to watch Taiwan fall if it means he can keep getting more millions.


John Cena is a bad person. Don’t be like John Cena. Have a spine – stand up against tolitarianism, racism, slavery, forced labor, child abuse, and organ harvesting. Otherwise you might be like a blubbering John Cena, speaking poorly annunciated Mandarin, apologizing to an evil regime, just so you can get another bedroom on your next mansion. And surely your integrity is worth much more than that.

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