Original World of Warcraft Director Calls Modern Blizzard a ‘Travesty’


Mark Kern, the original director for World of Warcraft, did a Twitter Ask-Me-Anything on June 25th. You might recall Kern in the news back when he almost single-handedly convinced Blizzard to release Classic World of Warcraft after their now-CEO had stated gamers didn’t really want it. In the string of answers he gave to the community last night, quite a bit of refreshing honesty was dropped into the public sphere. From answers about Retribution Paladins, to his thoughts on modern-day Blizzard, to his favorite Sierra Adventure games from the last century, Kern provided insight into the life of one of the most successful game developers in history.

Provided here are some of the most exceptional answers he provided:



But of all the answers Mr. Kern provided, perhaps one best summarizes his gratitude for the successes and opportunities he’s had in his life:

We wish Mr. Kern all the best in life, as well as our continued hope that Blizzard will turn things around in their company. For more information on Mark Kern, you can follow him on Twitter at @Grummz, as well as check out his upcoming MMO indie game Em8er!

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