PlayMobil’s To Release More ‘Back To The Future’ Playsets and Vehicles


Somehow I didn’t know that Playmobil was expanding on their already sweet Back to the Future toy line. My daughter loves the first BTTF film and was overjoyed when I managed to get her the Time Machine earlier last year. That thing has been on several adventures, most of them ending with the doors to the Delorean ending up torn off. Doc and Marty have been through some savage times, bro.

When I was over at, they posted a review about three new playsets. One of them adds a much-needed accessory that was missing from the original release of the Delorean.


The new sets, which are available on Amazon, include:

I love that Playmobil gets right to the point with the titles. No clever wording, just flat out telling us what it is.
Unsure about picking these up for yourself or your kids? I’ll give you a mini-review of Playmobil’s Delorean and Courthouse playset.
The Time Machine is a great toy for kids. It’s durable. It lights up. It can convert to hover mode but lacks a Mr. Fusion (which one of these new sets remedies). There is a surprising amount of detail on the car, but some small pieces like the tubes and hook can be easily lost.

The Courthouse / Clocktower playset was a letdown. It came with many cool accessories, including different Marty McFlys, Doc Brown, and Biff. The set also included Doc’s giant amplifier and some other props and signage from the first BTTF film.

However, the Clocktower and Courthouse were all made out of cardboard. Thin cardboard. Once it’s all together, it looks nice. After a couple of hours of a kid playing with it, tears and creases become common problems. I was expecting possibly cheap molded plastic with basic paint application for the price, but this was a paper model. Great accessories, though.

Playmobil doesn’t look to be going down that road again. The Hoverboard Chase playset does not come with a papercraft 2015 Courthouse. It comes with what looks like a plastic pond and more detailed accessories. The BTTF3 set does have backdrops, but nothing like the first advent calendar’s Courthouse.


What are your thoughts on Playmobil’s venture into classic 1980’s properties? Are these really for collectors or kids? Let us know in the comments.

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