Power Con Exclusives: Castle Grayskull’s Robot and Pit Creatures!


Power Con is happening for real this year, ya’ll. Real-life, in person, at a hotel. Classic convention stuff! What a relief after a year of virtual cons, thanks to COVID.

It’s just not the same unless your scouring aisles and aisles of merchandise IRL. Conventions are meant to be seen, heard, and smelled. Yes, the lovely smells.


2021’s Power Con is making sure you attend by offering up come awesome ‘Masters of the Universe: Origins’ exclusives. True, most of the figures are tough to find at stores as-is, but some of these figures may never see life on a shelf.

Superhero Hype drew our attention to the list of exclusives. They’re a mixture of retro classics and some long-awaited accessories.

First let’s look at the $60 Faker double pack. This one contains the evil Fake and Dupli-Cat. Faker looks to be the traditional re-paint of He-Man, but with a unique paint job on the eyes and a Havok Staff. Dupli-Cat is Battle Cat but with two new robotic front paws.


The Evil Horde pack comes with Hordak in the Filmation royal blue and black color scheme. Also included are Grizzlor and two Horde troopers. Given that the ‘Origins’ figures are all about interchanging parts, Hordak’s new arm weapon should be interchangeable with others in the line. This four-pack will cost $150. That’s quite a premium, running at $37.50 per figure. Three of these figures are firsts for the ‘Origins’ line, however.


Now, this is what many of us have been waiting for—the suit of armor, dungeon grate monsters, and spirit of Grayskull. The robot/suit of armor was originally a cardboard standup that came with the original Castle Grayskull in the ’80s. It eventually saw a toy release in the ‘Classics’ line. Now he’s to scale with the ‘Origins’ version of the playset.

The dungeon creature had been planned for release with the ‘Classics’ release of Castle Grayskull but was cost-prohibitive. Now we finally get it! Rather than relying on the old floor sticker, you can slot this new prop onto the playset!

The spirit of Grayskull isn’t the same character that we saw in the 200X series. This, according to SHH, is based on a panel of the mini-comics that used to come packaged with the original line of toys. I don’t recall this, but it’s welcome nonetheless.


Power Con will take place on September 11th and 12th at the Anaheim Hilton. These toys must be pre-ordered, however. Orders have not opened yet, but keep your eye on Power Con’s official site for details within the next week.

[Source: Superhero Hype]

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