‘Rick and Morty’ Writer Cody Ziglar Talks Writing Spider-Man


Marvel Comics has tapped TV writer Cody Ziglar to take on the “Spider-Man Beyond” storyline unfolding in the wallcrawler’s flagship series ‘Amazing Spider-Man.’ Currently, Peter Parker is presumed dead and his erstwhile clone Ben Reilly has taken up the webs. Ziglar spoke about writing for Spidey and how Reilly is going to be impacted by the plot.

When asked what it was like working on Ben Reilly, Ziglar said, “I think the coolest thing, the thing that really interests me is that he’s Peter, he’s a clone of Peter, but he’s had a much harder life, so he has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. He’s a guy who doesn’t trust a lot of things, particularly himself. But there’s also an air of desperation that makes him want to believe, he wants to think things will work out.”


“He’s working a little bit harder than Peter would because I think he has been dealt a worse hand. He’s died and been reborn at the hands of the Jackal a bunch of times—he’s been dealt a pretty rough hand. It’s been fun to write from that angle,” he said. “Also, he’s a guy who’s finally getting a win, he’s getting a W, he’s getting what he wants, to carve out his own legacy, to do good and be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man he’s always wanted to prove himself to be. He has as much stability as a person can have in a world with guys named the Lizard and others who have octopus arms. That getting to prove himself aspect is what has drawn me the most to him. What’s his character journey? What’s the thing he has to battle through?”

Ziglar went on to discuss how Kraven the Hunter, Doctor Octopus, and the Kingpin will be making appearances as “Spider-Man Beyond” continues.

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