Rumor: Valve Producing A Portable Steam Console?


Handheld PCs running Valve’s Steam are nothing new. There are some on the market right now. Several crowdfunding campaigns have surfaced, too. A lot of those were quite unreliable and outright fishy. “Our Console has a crystal quality.” If you know that Kickstarter video, you know which vaporware portable gaming PC I’m talking about.

What would be great is if a portable console was coming out directly from Valve. Something that wasn’t tied to shady foreign businessmen. Well, a device called ‘SteamPal’ may be on the way. Maybe. It’s … iffy.


Arstechnica reports on some interesting wording that Steam DataBase creator Pavel Djundik found in the most recent Steam client beta. Check it out below:

Arstechnica claims that the device is in the prototype stages, but images of the thing haven’t been released. Take what is being reported here with a massive grain of salt.

Handhelds mirroring Nintendo’s Switch are not too uncommon. Various versions have already hit the market or will very soon, but having the Steam/Valve branding behind it could be a game-changer.


As we’ve seen from the outdated hardware on the Switch, it is possible to run newer games, but at the cost of resolution, texture quality, and FPS. Imagine a newer chip with newer hardware running Steam and allowing you access to your entire library of games.

That’s some blue sky thinking, but it is possible. Sure, you’d probably not get your 4K experience as you do on a desktop, but all that portable convenience! Then again, this thing could turn out to be a streaming machine like a portable Stadia. I hope not.

If what is being proposed is your Steam library via a handheld, which games will be compatible? If you play retro titles, you’ve seen how fidgety older ’90s and even ’00s games can be to get running. Will Stream curate a list of titles optimized for the rumored platform?

What are your thoughts on a mobile Steam machine straight from Valve? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Arstechnica]

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