Sentai Announces ‘Princess Principal: Crown Handler’ English Dub


‘Princess Principal: Crown Handler’ is the first in a series of movies that were a spin-off of the 2017 steampunk alternative history anime ‘Princess Principal’ from Studio 3HZ and director Masaki Tachibana, who also directs the film. It was produced by the Japanese animation studio Actas with Sentai Filmworks acquiring the rights to do an English dub.

The principal cast includes Avery Smithhart as Ange, Patricia Duran as the Princess, Elizabeth Bunch as Dorothy, Shanae’a Moore as Beatrice, and  Rachael Messer as Chise.


They are joined by Sean Patrick Judge, Jay Hickman, Melanie Burke, James Belcher, Julie Oliver-Touchstone, David Wald, Heidi Hinkle, Chris Hutchison, Mark X Laskowski, Marty Fleck, Mike Yager, Kyle Colby Jones, John Swasey, and John Gremillion.

‘Princess Principal’ also received a 2019 manga adaption written and illustrated by Ryou Akizuki. It was published by Tokuma shoten through their Ryuu Comics imprint.

You can watch the trailer here:


MyAnimeList described the synopsis as follows,

“The film is set in London at the end of the 19th century and after the attempted assassination of the Imperial princess in the television anime. The Empire is increasing counter-spy actions in the wake of the incident, and finds Control, the Commonwealth group in charge of covert operations against the Empire, at unease and suspecting its spy within the royal family as a double agent. Control assigns their spy ring Dove with a new mission to extract a secondhand bookstore owner and deliver him to Commonwealth hands. Ange, Dorothy, and Chise successfully spring the bookstore owner from an Imperial prison. Control also assigns Dove to make contact with Bishop, their spy within the royal family, to ascertain their loyalties.”

‘Princess Principal: Crown Handler’ is the first in a series of six films. Pandemic restrictions delayed the other movies, but the second one was released in September 2021 with Sentai licensing it as well.

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