Studio Ghibli Museum Asks for Overseas Help From the Fans


Studio Ghibli is asking for fans outside of Japan for donations to the Ghibli Museum, as they are still working to keep from closing down. In July, donations were only allowed from with Japan, as previously reported.

Studio Ghlibli announced on their LINE messaging/social networking app that the “COVID-19 pandemic forced the museum to temporarily close its doors and limit the number of visitors to the facility. The museum’s revenue decreased sharply and it is now deeply in the red. The COVID-19 pandemic is still expected to continue for some time, and if we continue on the present course, the museum may be forced to close down. To avoid this outcome, Mitaka City is seeking donations from the public to help sustain the museum. The City appreciates your generous consideration.”


If you are interested in supporting the Ghibli Museum, you are asked to donate no less than 5,000 yen (US$43.50) or more.

As a thank you for the support, you will be given a thank-you postcard illustrated by Hayao Miyazaki of a character from Castle In the Sky.

If you live in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Singapore, you will b able to support the museum. However. it is not open to the U.K., Chine, EU member states and others. If you to the the donations page, you will see a section at the. bottom, in English, that gives a full list of countries that can or cannot donate and other terms and conditions.

The original funding goal was 10 million yen. But it far exceeded expectations with having funded 34.6 million yen. Donations will be open until the end of. January


Some Donors in Japan have been sharing tweets of the Thank-you postcards they had received.

Click here for donating or for more information.

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