Summer Games Done Quick Returns July 2021


The fantastic event known as Summer Games Done Quick will be returning in virtual format this July (2021). The charity drive brings together some of the greatest video game speedrunners on the planet to show off their skills live while viewers can donate to wonderful causes. In the past, the organization has collected millions of dollars for various charities, with a focus on medical research and assistance.


The organization has yet to declare what causes they will be donating to this year, and we’re waiting to find out which speedrunners will lend their talents. GDQ (as it is sometimes known) is important in gaming culture, in part because of the positive and apolitical change it brings about in the world at a time when being a “gamer” can carry abrasive connotations for online sociopolitical purposes.

We’d like to thank Destructoid for the original article on the Summer GDQ 2021 announcement. Also a big thanks to everyone involved in GDQ, the speedrunners, the viewers, and everyone who works hard to make a positive difference in this world. Beat games quickly, and beat the diseases that bring us all down!


Speedrunners, D-Rezzed salutes you.

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