Super7 Releases The Mutant’s Vision of a Bloody Law Giver


Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a great flick. The symbolism, the twisted reveal of the surviving humans’ true forms, and the ultimate destruction due to Zaius’s pride all make for one hell of a ride.

As the film reaches its climax, the apes are confronted with visions of fire, death, and the statue of the Law Giver seeping blood. It’s a great scene, though a bit shoddy on the special effects.


As part of Super7‘s Re-Action line of Planet of the Apes figures, they are releasing a version of the Law Giver spattered with bright red blood. At 5.75″, this statue stands about 2″ taller than the others in the line.


Lawgiver is so revered among the Apes that when an image of his statue begins to bleed in Beneath the Planet of the Apes it makes the Gorilla Army panic and despair. Only the desperate urging of Dr. Zaius is able to restore order and rally the Apes. This 5.75” Planet of the Apes Bloody Vision Lawgiver ReAction figure depicts the Apes’ religious icon along with his sacred scrolls, drenched in blood, as shown in what has become one of the most iconic moments from the Planet of the Apes franchise. While that image proved to be an illusion, this ReAction figure is very real and will be a compelling addition to your Planet of the Apes collection.

This series of figures has been on the down-low for a few years now. I think at least two years have passed since Super7 released anything associated with the Apes franchise. Does this mean we’re going to be seeing more figures or re-releases?

The Law Giver is currently available on Super7’s website. He will run you $20.


What other characters from the Apes franchise should get this retro treatment? Maybe a temple with the holy atomic bomb? A destroyed Statue of Liberty playset with some Spaceballs thrown in for good measure? Let us know in the comments.

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