Super7 Wants You To Fight Crime as Knight Rider’s Michael Knight


I’ll be honest with ya. I’d buy any action figure made if it was based on a David Hasselhoff character. From Nick Fury to Colonel Gilbert Shepard, I’d purchase it if it had his curly hair and great jawline. The same goes for Super7‘s newest ReAction figure from Knight Rider.

Michael Knight, the man who had his face reconstructed after getting shot and joining a crime-fighting organization, is now a 3.75″ tall retro action figure. Super7 chose to go with the most iconic look, complete with a red unbuttoned shirt, chest hair, black leather jacket, shiny belt buckle, blue jeans, and black boots. Nothing screams the 1980s more than this version of Hasselhoff.


The packaging for Michael Knight is 100% Knight Rider-themed with KITT’s dashboard feature on the back. I’ve said it before, when will Super7 start producing vehicles to go along with these action figures?!


Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world. Rescued from near-death, given a new identity, partnered with a high-tech artificially intelligent car, and charged with a mission to fight crime, Michael Knight was the epitome of 80s cool.

This 3.75″ version of Michael would almost be perfect to fit inside of the old Kenner talking KITT from the 1980s. I believe the original Knight figure was a little taller, but for those of us who long ago lost our Hasselhoff figure during the Great Action Figure Wars, the Super7 version is a good substitute.

Kenner was the company behind a lot of fantastic franchise-based toylines in the ’80s, including Star Wars. Unfortunately, even though Knight Rider ran for quite a few seasons, the toyline from Kenner was pretty limited. Great, but limited.

The toy company produced the “talking” KITT, an RC KITT, and three smaller vehicle sets. One of these was the “crash” playset that let you plow the high-tech Trans Am through a semi truck’s trailer. Check out the history of these toys below.


What are your thoughts on the Knight Rider franchise? Let us know below.

[Source: Super7]

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