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Looking for a way to support Clownfish TV? Here’s how you can!

WHY SUPPORT US? Because you, um, like us? Seriously, only about HALF of our monthly views on YouTube are actually monetized and we’re looking to expand the Channel beyond just doing pop culture videos. Longterm goals for Clownfish TV include making more Art and Animation videos, publishing Comics, and eventually growing our website D-Rezzed into a more balanced Pop Culture news blog that may require the help of contributors.

   Support via PayPal

   Support via YouTube Membership

Instructions to join via YouTube: click on the link above and find the “Join” button:

Support Clownfish TV via a Site Membership!

We’ve decided to leave Patreon behind, and are instead building a way to support and grow Clownfish TV directly through our website! The Clownfish TV Support Program is a pay-what-you-want option that will give backers access to the following perks…

  • Early Sneak Peeks at Creative Projects (Comics, Animation, more)
  • Exclusive Members Only Livestreams (Drawing and Chat)
  • Premium Content Posts on D-Rezzed
  • Access to Members Only Group
  • Exclusive E-Newsletter (1x-2x monthly)
  • More Premium Content TBD

Currently all Supporters get access to the same features, you can simply choose the level of monthly support at $3, $5, $10 and $25. We currently accept payment through PayPal and Stripe. Support can be cancelled at any time.

   $3 USD / Month (Bronze)

   $5 USD / Month (Silver)

   $10 USD / Month (Gold)

   $25 USD / Month (Platinum)


One-time Cryptocurrency donations will be made available soon! Stay tuned!