‘The Idhun Chronicles’ Part 3 Will Not Stream On Netflix


The Spanish language ‘Memorias de Idhún,’ known in English as ‘The Idhun Chronicles’ ended its initial ten-episode run on the streaming service in a cliffhanger, as the protagonists prepare to face off against their mortal enemy.

Fans looking forward to seeing how part three will conclude the story arc will be disappointed as the series creator announced that the animated series, oftentimes billed as an anime, will not be returning to Netflix.


“No more seasons are planned,” book author Laura Gellego said according to What’s On Netflix. “The adaptation was only for the first book.” She added, “No agreement has been reached to adapt the following books, sorry.”

No further explanation has been given by Netflix or by the production company Zeppelin TV.

The only clue given was Gellego’s very public disappointment in the casting choices for the English broadcast.

“In autumn 2018, a casting was carried out between professional voice actors to interpret the characters of the anime series ‘Memories of Idhún,’ in its Spanish version,” she said. “I was allowed to participate in the final selection of this casting and we had already chosen the cast of voice actors who would voice the characters. Some time later, and unexpectedly, some of these actors were replaced by others with no experience in dubbing.


She continued, “I want to clarify that from the first moment my wish was that all the characters in the series were played by actors specialized in dubbing. Those responsible for the series had other preferences regarding dubbing in Spanish and it was their criteria that prevailed at the end. Therefore, I would like to point out that these specific voices are not the ones I had imagined for my characters.”

No comment has been made if the series will continue on another streaming service or if a reboot of ‘The Idhun Chronicles’ is in the works.

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