Anime VAs Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi Start Podcast About ‘Cancelled’ VA Vic Mignogna


The weird, wild ride that is the ‘Vic Mignogna Saga’ seemingly never ends.

Two of the most prominent voices speaking out against Mignogna have started an entire podcast dedicated to talking about… Vic Mignogna. Or rather, their side of the story that was the circus that popped up around the situation.


Mignogna, a popular anime dub actor accused of sexual misconduct in 2019, was terminated from several employers including Funimation and Rooster Teeth.

Mignogna claimed he was defamed to the point of being unable to work in the industry, and sued fellow voice actors Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi and Rial’s fiance Ron Toye for what he believed to be tortious interference (i.e. he blamed them for getting fired from Funimation.)

The podcast claims to examine the situation from their point of view, and the pair claim they are continually harassed to this day.

From their website


Listen to our adventures in talking publicly about being sexually harassed, getting harassed online for talking publicly about being sexually harassed, getting sued for talking publicly about being sexually harassed, having that case against us get thrown out because we’re allowed to talk publicly about being sexually harassed, and the further harassment we receive for having a case against us for defamation because we talked publicly about being sexually harassed get thrown out because we’re allowed to talk about being sexually harassed.

The first episode of the podcast is live, and you can listen to their take on the events in the player below.


1: We Don’t Even Know Beyonce

While the nitty gritty of everything that went down in 2019 could fill multiple hard drives, Mignogna sued, lost, and is still being "kicked" from virtually every convention appearance he attempts with the help of Twitter outrage.

It's important to note that despite many allegations, no one has actually pressed charges against Mignogna. He still maintains his innocence in interviews and livestreams after the lawsuit.

[Source: Anime News Network]

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