Warner Media Announces ‘Craig of the Creek’ Film


Warner Media announced that the Cartoon Network and HBO Max series ‘Craig of the Creek’ is getting a film spin-off that will “set sail” on television and the streaming service.

They said in a press release that film is an “origin story of the Creek’s bravest explorer that could only be told through the scope of a movie. Craig Williams is the shy, new kid in town, longing for his old home and life. Little does he know, he’ll soon set off on the biggest adventure he could ever dream of. Treasure maps, pirate ships, and a villain who wants to destroy the Creek are just the beginning in this treasure hunting epic! Craig of the Creek: The Movie is expected to premiere in 2023.”


The film will be executive produced and co-created by Emmy-nominated ‘Steven Universe’ writers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin. The show stars the voice talents of Philip Solomon, Noël Wells, H. Michael Croner, Lucia Cunningham, Phil LaMarr, Terry Crews, and several others.

Cartoon Network Studios President Sam Register explained, “In Craig of the Creek, Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, Tiffany Ford, and the entire crew created a charming, imaginative, and inclusive world that represents the best in kids animation.”

He added, “We could not ask for a better foundation as we expand the stories of the Creek into preschool and long-form projects ensuring that Craig of the Creek is well on its way to becoming our studio’s next big kids franchise.”

‘Craig of the Creek’ has been running on Cartoon Network since 2017 for a total of four seasons. It was recently announced that it will be renewed for a fifth season.


Warner Bros. Head of Kids & Family Programming praised the expansion of the show, saying, “Since its debut, ‘Craig of the Creek’ has been an instant audience favorite, capturing the joy of being a kid along with the humor and heart of family life.”

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